YM Circle for 14 - 16 year olds starting 12th September

The Young Muslims UK’s online Circle for 14-16 year olds starts afresh for this academic year and is accepting new attendees!

Keeping to our popular formula: interactive teaching of traditional subjects combined with carefully devised, small group discussions, exploring contemporary issues that young people face, such as mental health.

Young people will be supported by experienced, vetted mentors using a tried and tested syllabus. We aim to nurture well-rounded young men and women, able to maintain their spiritual, emotional and psychological wellbeing whilst thriving in their challenging context.

The first session this term will take place on Sunday 12th September, 6-7.30pm and continue every other Sunday thereafter throughout term time. All boys and girls in academic years 9 to 11 are welcome!

Parents will need to register their children beforehand, using this link:


Parents, you will also need to sign up to the Parents’ WhatsApp (broadcast) group to receive updates:

Summer 2021 competitions

Do you have an amazing story about your family which relates to their past travels, ancestral origins or about something amazing they have done in the past?

Or maybe you want to demonstrate your Islamic faith through your creative skills by either producing a painting, a drawing, a sculpture, a piece of craftwork or a sewing item?

We have two creative summer competitions for you to take part in.

Important message about the COVID-19 Indian variant

VOC-21-APR-02 is the technical term for the new variant of concern that was first identified in India.

This variant is thought to be driving the increase in Covid cases being seen in younger adults across the North West, particularly in Bolton and Blackburn.

It is normal for any virus to change over time. Coronavirus is the same – and our vaccines are very effective in preventing serious illness against the strains. It’s also very normal – as with the flu vaccine – to tweak the vaccines or give boosters against new strains as they develop.

We are briefing community organisations and leaders for South Asian communities because the increase in cases has been particularly high, especially among the Pakistani and Indian population. It is important that we take steps to protect ourselves, our families and communities.

The public health team in Manchester has advised that:

  • evidence that is being analysed suggests that this variant is more transmissible – or easier to spread.
  • it has spread very quickly in other areas and so could spread very quickly among Manchester residents
  • people who have not been vaccinated are more likely to catch the new variant and spread it to others
  • we need to be cautious as the Covid restrictions in order to protect our communities- especially older family members who may not have been vaccinated and would be more vulnerable to severe disease

The public health team are also looking at providing vaccination, in line with JCVI guidance, to younger people in some parts of the city where the risk of the variant of concern spreading quickly is higher – as they are doing in Blacburn- they will keep us up to date with plans for this and how people can access the vaccine when it is available. As per national recommendations, any vaccine that is offered to people under 40 will either be Pfizer or Moderna.

What should we do now?

It’s really important that everyone who has symptoms, goes for a Covid test – that way we can monitor and pick up any new cases or strains very quickly and take the right action.

In addition, if you don’t have symptoms, Lateral flow or “rapid antigen” tests are free and you can get them and test twice a week.
Stay cautious, even though the rules are changing it is still important to:

  • limit the number of different people and households you mix with
  • meet outdoors wherever possible
  • keep washing hands, wiping surfaces, wearing masks or face coverings when needed,
  • keeping rooms ventilated and social distancing
  • get your vaccine as soon as it is offered to you

If anyone needs help and support with food, medical supplies or other COVID-related support they can call Manchester’s Community Response Hub on Freephone: 0800 234 6123 or text: 078600 22876 or email [email protected], (MON-FRI 9am-5pm). Messages responded to by the next working day. The hub can help with:

  • Access to food
  • Delivery of medication
  • Combating loneliness
  • Managing fuel top-up payments
  • Getting access to services online

Who we are

We are individuals. We are volunteers – people offering time, skill and resource in many areas of the country. We are British, who want to take care of our country, its people and values. We are a membership body of Muslims, who put together projects and offer services inspired by our faith, to help, serve and bring good for all people.

Membership fees and charitable contributions fund the vast majority of our work, the remainder coming from funds raised for projects, and individuals donating their time and resources towards our aims.

What we do

The Islamic Society of Britain has played an important and positive part in how British Muslims think about their faith.

Some of our innovative activities often broke new ground, emboldening and empowering many others to create projects of their own.

The official aims of the Islamic Society of Britain are:


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