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Eid Message From Our Chair

As-Salamu-Alaikum to you all and Eid Mubarak!

I pray you all had a fruitful Ramadhan where we were all able to connect with Allah to strengthen our Imaan and deepen our love for our Creator.

Another Ramadhan has past, and I pray we are all able to celebrate with our loved ones on Eid day, with good food and good company, that is all we can ask from God.

Has our Ramadhan been successful?

Consider this, during Ramadhan we somehow find the time to do extra prayers to Allah. for those of us who attended Tarawih this would have been at least 1 and half hours every day.So now that Ramadhan is over what will we do with extra time that we set aside? The reality for most of us will be….probably nothing, if we are being honest with ourselves! We will likely end up back in our bad habits: more time in front of the TV or on social media or whatever else takes up our excessive leisure time (and I certainly include myself in this reminder, as someone who binge watches to often! ☹). Now I’m not saying that we don’t need downtime, however when we need to step up and spend extra time in Ramadan for praying to our Lord, we manage.

So now that Ramadan is over, let’s try to continue some of that good behaviour in terms of our daily routine to achieve a better balance. I believe that if we take an honest look at our time, we will, and can find the time to do more than we have. More time on our daily Ibadah, more time on our families, more time for neighbours, more time for our community work – whether ISB or beyond.
If we can manage that, then I would say it has truly been a successful Ramadhan!

Your Br.
Sajid Quayum

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Current Job Vacancy

Job Share (two post holders) – PROJECT MANAGER (full time position also considered)

The two post holders will be responsible for driving the projects of the organisation and developing the organisations portfolio of activities as per its strategic outlook; providing assistance and support to the Chair and the executive team; undertaking some fundraising initiatives; strengthening relations with branches/circles and improving links with other relevant stakeholders.

Ramadan Photography Competition

This exciting ISB Ramadan Photography competition is open to anyone. This year’s theme is based around pictures of scenic views, buildings, and objects. To enter the competition please register your details via the link below. Closing date extended to Sunday 8th May 2022.

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