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The Islamic Society of Britain

aims to bring people together to provide services and projects inspired by faith to local communities


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Our Vision

Founded in 1990, we were one of the first organisations that sought to bring a uniquely British perspective to Islam. Since then we have been bringing individuals together to inspire the teachings repeated in the Qur’an: to have faith and do good.

Our vision is to enable and create positive change in British society inspired by our faith.

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The Islamic Society of Britain’s mission:


Actively participate, build bridges, develop partnerships & contribute to society, by standing firmly for the values of justice and social concern


Creating spaces in which all generations of British Muslims can learn and explore faith


Nurturing and developing leadership, positive purpose, balance and moral integrity

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We’d love for you to be a part of our community and join us. If you can’t give your time, become a ‘Friend of ISB’! Your local Sadaqah will help us fund all the inspiring and essential work we do. When you become our ‘Friend,’ we will update you with newsletters, & invite you to our annual members meeting, so you know exactly what your money is being spent on.

Ensure that the amazing work of The ISB can continue for another 5 decades!

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ISB Online Circles

Are you struggling to find regular circles for young people that are: interactive, spiritual, discussion-based, friendly and that tackle contemporary issues that our youth face today?

Well, look no further!

ISB Circles are led by our experienced, well-versed YM & Campus mentors who cover:

  • Theological topics
  • Relevant & contemporary issues
  • Organisational & life skills
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