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Hosted by ISB Manchester

On Friday 29th March, ISB Manchester hosted a wonderful family iftar for nearly 140 people.

The opening reminder was an engaging and poignant speech about Gaza, which was delivered by Aaya Miladi. It was great to see such a young and confident speaker.

Sheikh Munir presented an informative talk on ‘Tightening Your Belts’ in preparation for Laylatul Qadr, as he highlighted the many blessings that can come with this holy night.

We then heard about the amazing projects that ISB offers, ranging from their ‘Feed the Homeless’ Ramadan Scheme, to the Young Muslims residentials.

There was a lovely sense of community, as we prayed together, and listened to the beautiful recitation of the Quran. Different volunteers from ISB collaboratively baked a variety of delicious treats for the bake sale, ranging from kunefe, to cheesecake, to brownies. This fundraiser raised £564.77 for Medical Aid for Palestinians!

We enjoyed a delicious meal, as we ate together as a big family. As we had iftar together, you could hear laughter and happiness. Such events like these are very important for the community; and it really was a welcoming and homely environment.

The evening was very heart-warming, and you could really feel the positivity in the room.

“Like many others, I left the event with my heart full, and a smile on my face.”

May Allah bless the organising team, all our guests, the youngsters who give us so much hope, and keep our hearts steadfast and close to his path. Ameen