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ISB AMM 2023 & Members Weekend

27th – 29th October
Markfield Conference Centre, Leicester, LE67 9SY

Navigating Gender in a Fluid World
Grab your tickets now and join us for a jam packed programme which will begin on Friday evening and end with the ISB AMM on Sunday afternoon. There will be talks & workshops by Dr. Shuruq Naguib, lecuturer at Lancaster University, who will be talking to us on ‘Femininity & Feminism in Islam’, and Razwan Faraz, founder of ‘Man Sheds’, who will be tackling the issue of ‘The Meaning of being a Muslim Male in he UK today!

  • Alternative programmes for YM and creche for under 16 year olds
  • The ISB AMM has partnered with ISB Campus for their October Masterclass. If you are Campus age (17-26), please see below for your tickets to the masterclass or whole weekend.

Accommodation on site

For more details and to book your tickets:

Campus & Beyond Campus Masterclass

In the Footsteps of Leaders

Saturday, 28th October
Markfield Institute, Leicestershire

with Imam Alyas Karmani
– Leadership Lessons from the Seerah
– Leadership Lessons from the Five Rightly-Guided Caliphs (with a focus on Umar RA)

For 16-35 year olds

In the afternoon, there will be an opportunity to learn from a panel of various professionals!
Beyond Campus are welcome to this Masterclass!

ISB Annual Members Meeting and Family Weekend will be taking place from 27-29th October on “Masculinity and Femininity.”
Campus are welcome to stay the whole weekend!
Bring your family!

We encourage Campus attendees to stay for the whole weekend – there is an additional programme on Sunday 29th October: a Q&A session with Dr Shuruq Naguib and Sh Shafi Chowdhury!

Only 35 early-bird discount tickets available, so hurry and secure your place!

Buy tickets here 

YM E-CIRCLES are back!

Have you registered your child for the new term? 

11 to 13s circle:
🕕 New Time: 6 – 7pm EVERY FRIDAY during term time
✅Register using this link:

14 to 16s circle:
🕢 New Time: 7.30 – 9pm EVERY OTHER FRIDAY during term time
(next one on 13th October)
✅ Register using this link:

This Black History Month you are invited to

Race and Revelation 
with Dr Ayo Khalil

• What does it mean to be Black?
• How has racism become entrenched in Western societies?
• Anti-Blackness within Muslim communities
• Islamic inspired solutions to racism & anti-Blackness

Dr Ayo Khalil is a community worker and NHS doctor.

Open to all aged 16–35
Friday 6th October

📍  Email [email protected] to register 

ISB Campus Online Quran Recitation Circle

For 16-26 year old male and females
With Khadeejah Muslim 

Saturday 21st Octoberber 
Chaired by Ammar Aldaker

Surah Nuh 1-14
Surah Al Imran 130-136

– An opportunity to recite if you wish in segregated breakout rooms
– Group reflection and translation of the Divine Message
– All levels of recitation are welcome 

Email [email protected] to join

Beyond Campus’ Inaugural Networking Dinner

The Next Chapter: Planning Your Career Path

On Saturday 16 September, at Al-Bader restaurant in Birmingham, we held our first ever ‘Beyond Campus’ event. We invited speakers Iqbal Naseem, Sabena Jameel and Khalid Anis to talk about planning for the future, navigating the post-grad period and self-development. Alhamdulillah, we had 57 people attend that evening. 

Beyond Campus was a project born out of a need for a space like Campus but for ‘older’ young Muslims that had moved on from their student days. We hoped it would be a space that we could meet others in the same boat, learn from each other and learn from role models in a welcoming and friendly environment. Our first networking dinner felt like just that. 

Like all networking events, it may have taken a minute to warm up, but after icebreakers were underway and the first inspiring talk set the tone, a warm atmosphere of learning and discussion really flourished. It was also lovely to catch up with lots of old ISB, YM and Camous friends we’d not seen in a while, as well as getting to know so many new faces.

Help us Spread the Word!

We have a lot of brilliant work happening in ISB with all of our online circles! 

We would love to spread the word and expand our audience as much as we can so that more people may benefit from them InshaAllah.  

This poster has been designed to be shared for this purpose, so please do forward this on to all of your contacts; if you are a part of any Muslim parents group chats or Muslim associations, or anyone you feel may be interested in joining. You can download a high quality copy here.

[email protected]

Watch Our Past Sessions

If you have missed any of our previous events, you can find them on our YouTube channel BritIslam. Please do visit, subscribe and share!

All the e-circles can be found here.
Some of the titles include: