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What is the Islamic Society of Britain?

The Islamic Society of Britain (ISB) is a community based charity, organised as a national membership society. Founded in 1990, we were one of the first organisations that sought to bring a uniquely British perspective to Islam. Since then we have been bringing individuals together to inspire the teachings repeated in the Qur’an: to have faith and do good. ISB exists to help Muslims better understand our faith in a contemporary context within Britain. 

We view Islam as a religion of peace and a continuation of age-old teachings from God to humanity. Not as a new religion, but as a way of life that has a strong focus – in spiritual terms on the worship of one God, and in social terms on justice and equity between people. 

The Islamic Society of Britain is parent to two youth groups:

Young Muslims UK
YM cater to the needs of 11-16 year olds. Hosting residentials, study circles and social gatherings.

ISB Campus
Campus cater to the needs of 17-26 year olds. Hosting in-person and online masterclasses, study circles, residentials and regional socials in the North, Midlands and South.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to enable and create positive change in British society inspired by our faith.

The Islamic Society of Britain’s mission:


Actively participate, build bridges, develop partnerships & contribute to society, by standing firmly for the values of justice and social concern


Creating spaces in which all generations of British Muslims can learn and explore faith


Nurturing and developing leadership, positive purpose, balance and moral integrity

Our Values


We demonstrate our compassion by showing kindness, listening and caring for our members’ feelings so they experience genuine love as part of a family/community where spiritual and social needs are met.

Social Justice

We work together to make a better, more inclusive, and cohesive society by fighting prejudice, reducing poverty and injustice.


We aim to be innovative and creative in developing our ideas and our approach whilst learning from each other.


We work with a sense of positivity, and energy to accomplish our goals and are adaptable to change.


We actively cultivate spirituality as taught by our faith, to respond to the inner call for connection with our Creator. We believe that such a spirituality creates a holistic sense of wellbeing and fulfilment, manifesting in positive emotions, such as peace, contentment, gratitude and acceptance.


We expect everyone to embrace a set of behaviours to create a respectful environment, regardless of faith. This includes being open, inclusive, nonjudgemental, compassionate, and acting with integrity and understanding.


In all our endeavours, we strive to create a hub which involves and supports our families, neighbourhoods and engages with civic society.

Who Are We?

We are individuals. We are volunteers – people offering time, skills and resources in many areas of the country. We are British, who want to take care of our country, its people and values. We are Muslims, who put together projects and offer services inspired by our faith, to help, serve and bring good for all people.

The Islamic Society of Britain is made up of members who elect the Chair and National Policy Board (Shura) who overlook the direction and policies of the organisation. We also have branches in various areas of the country that are directly involved in voluntary work to help their communities.

What Do We Do?

We host spiritual residentials, engaging talks, weekly study circles, community driven projects and much more every year, inspiring and educating British Muslims across the country. Some of our innovative activities often broke new ground, emboldening and empowering many others to create projects like Islam Awareness Week.

We initiated national Islam Awareness Week in 1994, to raise awareness and remove misconceptions surrounding Britain’s second largest faith group. During the week, communities throughout the country volunteer their time to organise a range of events aimed at opening dialogue, developing contact and celebrating art and culture. With thousands of events having taken place over the years, we believe IAW has been influential, and made an important contribution to community relations.


Annual Reports

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