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The ISB relies heavily upon the support of members to keep our work going. We engage hundreds of young people throughout our networks across the country, whether it’s the Young Muslims UK – our flagship project which has been going for 30 years! Or our ISB Campus project, which engages 17 to 26 year olds on Islam and contemporary issues. Both projects are vital in helping nurture our future generations to be grounded in the faith and as British citizens.

Other activities across the UK include family circles, scouts activities, homeless feeds and other community-centred activities. Some of our work includes engaging with the wider community in helping them better understand Islam and Muslims.

The monthly subscription to be a member is as follows

YM (11 years to 16 years) – £6 Per month (paid by parent)

Campus (17 years to 26 years) – £4 Per month (50% discount on adult assumed paid by the youngster)

ISB Adult (26 years plus ) -£8 Per month

ISB Adult – Contributing 2% of annual income

Members Benefits

·       Participate in a wide range of educational events, talks and community projects.

·       Free access to a library of past talks on Islamic topics

·       Receive bi-annual magazine AYAH

·       Members will receive reduced fee to attend residentials and other events.

·       Access to our new online Membership area (coming soon) – access to resources only available

·       Regular newsletters

To become an ISB Member please complete the direct debit mandate via the link belo