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About ISB Campus

Campus is an arm of the Islamic Society of Britain which aims to provide a diverse space for young people (age 17 to 26 years old) to freely discuss, debate and learn about their religion in an open and safe environment. It brings people closer to The Creator through themed day courses, residential events and other activities, such as online learning. Campus began in a small marquee at the Living Islam Festival in 2016 and was so popular, it has grown to become an independent, ever expanding group of excited young people who come together to share ideas, experiences and learn more about their religion. Our purpose is to please Allah and develop our Taqwa.

Our Vision:  “British Muslim youth exploring faith in a contemporary, friendly and spiritual way.”

Our Mission is to provide a space for young Muslims to: 

  • Explore faith together 
  • Nurture a generation of positive purpose, balance and moral integrity 
  • Cultivate a strong confident British Muslim identity 
  • Actively participate and contribute to mainstream society by standing firmly for the values of justice and social concern 

We believe in: 

  • Teamwork 
  • Leadership Development and Continuous Improvement 
  • A Culture of Learning 
  • Equality of all attendees 
  • The Values of Compassion/ Mercy/ Respect and Friendliness

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Our Vision Explained

To develop youth communities who represent purpose, balance, concern and moral integrity while feeling a deep connection to their faith and its values.

By drawing on this deep well of spirituality as well as on our connections as citizens of Britain today, we can stand firm for justice, social concern and positive endeavor; engaging actively with those around us.

ISB Campus hopes to support and cultivate a strong, vibrant and confident British Muslim youth identity; rooted in faith and in belonging here, today; encouraging contributions to the structures of civic society

To develop and support learning, reflection as well as the development of key life skills through conversations with scholars, activists and specialists in their respective fields.

To engender the development of concern for all those around us; building connections and understanding in order to establish more cohesive neighbourhoods and communities.

ISB Campus aims to provide a space that is friendly, warm, nurturing and embracing to young people from all spectrums of life and backgrounds in order to find a common place we can all identify warmly with.

Take a look at our current activities


We aim for two national residentials a year, touching on themes that increase and nourish our faith, brother/sisterhood and life skills! These are extremely popular and serve as an opportunity to ‘live Islam’ amongst like minded individuals for a weekend filled with scholarly and academic presentations, lively discussions, learning, prayer, dhikr, reminders, activities as well as a formal meal!

Our venue is often a residential site in Leicestershire that has beautiful grounds, a stunning purpose built prayer room as well as meals that taste home cooked! Themes that we have covered in the past include: The Quran, The Prophetic Example, The Companions, The Journey of The Soul and many more.

Take a look at our previous events


We aim for two national Masterclasses a year. These are wonderful opportunities to explore a topic in some depth whilst making friendships along the way. We aim to cover diverse subjects that touch on faith, contemporary issues  as well as developing life skills. 

Meals are included and families are often invited to join for the evening dinner. Subjects covered by scholars, specialists and activists at these Masterclasses have included: The Power of Prayer, Dua, Marriage, Ihsaan, Being British Muslims, Leadership Skills and many more.

Take a look at our previous events

Activity Day/Weekend

Campus includes beautiful hikes and activity weekends in our year plan to ensure we all get to enjoy the great outdoors and engage in exhilarating activities. From climbing hills to canoeing and from lakeside dhikr to gorge walking, there is something for all those who love the great outdoors!

Monthly Development Circle

An online circle held every month for the Campus age group. We cover topics that are:

  • Theological
  • Contemporary issues
  • Organisational/ Management based

These are very popular, interactive circles that often include breakout rooms in order to stimulate discussions and debates. Topics for the MDC circles are chosen by a youth leadership team and have included: A Short Course On Navigating Difficult Hadith, The Psychology of Islamic Character, Lessons From The Life of Yusuf (AS), Masculinity, Living with Depression, Organisation Work and Project Management and much more…..

If you are Campus age, you are very welcome to these circles! Email [email protected] to join

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Sixth Form & Freshers Circle

Sixth Formers and Freshers  (aged 16-20 years old) are the special focus for these circles but many Campus (17-26) attend too!

The SFFC is a friendly, very interactive, fun and inspiring circle that takes place online on alternate Friday evenings. Sixth Formers and Freshers are on the cusp of Campus activities and enjoy a space for their age group where their specific concerns can be discussed.

After a week of school/ college, these circles are a wonderful way for the heart to be inspired, to engage in some great discussions and to make new friendships! 

The SFFC has a youth planning team who meet to devise a year plan that is inspiring, relevant and holistic. 

Topics touch on:

  • Faith based matters that nurture the heart and soul including tafseer, seerah and more
  • Current Affairs in which news stories are presented and discussed 
  • Contemporary Issues 
  • Life Skills 

Examples of topics covered in the SFFC include: The Miracle of The Quran, The Palestine Crisis, Capitol Hill- politics and justice, Getting to know Prophet Muhammad (saw), Gender Ethics, Feminism, Purification of The Heart, Racism, Mental Health, LGBTQ+, The Meaning of Salah, Knowing Yourself: self esteem, confidence and boundary setting, Muslims in India and much much more! Campus members who are studying or working often lead these circles to inspire the younger cohort and share their experiences of setting up and managing their institutional Islamic Societies.

If you are 16-20 years old (or Campus age) please do join by emailing [email protected]

Browse our previous circles

Other Circles

Campus run a variety of online circles, including:

Qur’an Recitation Circles
These are beautiful online circles run entirely by Campus. A reciter will recite set verses for all to enjoy. We then segregate by gender into breakout rooms to recite a verse each, should we wish (there is no pressure to recite!). Together, we gather again to discuss how the verses impact our hearts and lives!

Online Socials
These are friendly, uplifting circles that serve to reconnect campus members to one another in order to keep up our bonds of faith and friendship!

Tajweed Classes
Regular online tajweed classes for those who wish to improve their Quranic recitation!

Student Learning Stream (SLS)
These are online monthly circles held by experienced ISB mentors for Campus members who are actively engaged in running Campus projects. The circles follow a syllabus of learning that has been carefully curated to nourish the soul whilst helping young British Muslims navigate our contemporary context in order to achieve balance and ihsan in our lives, whilst contributing positively to society! 

To register for any of these circles, please email [email protected]

Campus Projects

Campus organise online Qiyaams, during Ramadan and at other significant times in the year, in order to bring participants together to praise Allah’s Name! From beautiful Qur’anic recitation to dhikr and from soulful reminders to duas, these Qiyaams are an annual highlight and open to all the family! Remembering our Creator together, sending peace on our Rasool (saw) and hearing the words of our Holy Qur’an, lights up our hearts and our homes in praise.

Capacity Building and Skills Development
Campus have run extremely successful initiatives to promote the skills development of its members whilst capacity building for the organisation. These projects include: How To Manage a  Successful Project, How To Design Posters and Video-Edit, How To Set Up and Run A Successful Islamic Society and much more.

Students of Campus
For students at university and college campuses around the UK to share ideas on working with their Islamic Societies, establishing new circles and networking with one another!

School Islamic Society Representatives
For those involved with or wanting to set up Islamic Societies in schools around the UK. This group meets to share good ideas, troubleshoot and support one another to navigate the terrain of running a school Islamic Society!

As well as a Campus Convert Support Group


For young people to meet regularly, study the deen, hold discussions, forge friendship, hear from specialists and scholars and engage in fundraising and social action projects, Campus run 3 regional groups:

  • North- meetings are based in Manchester 
  • Midlands- meetings are based in Birmingham 
  • South – meetings are based in London 

These regional gatherings are planned by youth teams and are wonderful opportunities for attendees to gather in circles of remembrance, dhikr and friendship. 

Examples of activities that regions engage with, include fundraising for charity, distributing meals to the homeless, reflecting on Quranic verses, hiking trips as well as regional social events!

To join a regional group, please email [email protected].

These activities cater for the ages of 16-26 years old. Residentials are for ages 17-26 years old


Campus North hold events and socials for young Muslims in and around Manchester. We come together for Islamic talks, spiritual reminders, interactive discussions, meals and prayers. We also hold hikes and casual social events for brothers and sisters in the North!

email to join


Campus Midlands hold ‘Midlands Monthlies’! These are socials for young Muslims in and around Birmingham. They feature, reminders, discussions, meals and prayers. Bring a friend and join us for our ‘Midland Monthlies’!

email to join


Campus South hold socials for young Muslims in and around London! We come together for Islamic talks and reminders, activities and evening dinners. Join us for evenings filled with faith, friendships and pizza!

email to join

Get Involved

Are you keen to join the Campus team? Would you like to work alongside enthusiastic, like minded individuals to help spread our message to Muslim youth around the country? Would you like to invest in the future of British Muslim communities and contribute to wider society? We have many exciting projects for you to get involved with, including:

  • Residentials, Masterclasses, Qiyams, Regional and Socials planning teams
  • Social media team- we have an incredibly gifted and active social media team!
  • Circles team- planning and delivering high quality context for our circles
  • Outreach team
  • Poster Design and Video Editing team
  • Mentoring at Young Muslims events/circles for 11-13 year olds

And many more! Join us in these amazing opportunities to develop various skills and make friends whilst being rewarded in your Islamic work Insha’Allah.

If you are interested in joining any of these teams, please email [email protected]

ISB Connect

For Graduates and Young Professionals up to 35 years of age

ISB Connect (formerly Beyond Campus) was spearheaded to be a special space for young professionals and graduates coming to the end of their time in Campus.

We hope to provide a year plan full of wholesome projects soon Insha’Allah.

Our Inaugural Networking Dinner entitled “The Next Chapter: Planning Your Career Path” was a huge success, by Allah’s Grace. Br Iqbal Nasim was our keynote speaker and feedback was incredibly positive.

ISB Connect now currently has an ongoing series called ‘Being Changemakers’ that focuses on faith and excellence in the workplace.

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Our Vision

British Muslim youth exploring faith in a contemporary, friendly, and spiritual way

Our Mission

  1. To provide a space for young adults to increase their knowledge about faith in today’s British context
  2. To create a welcoming community where topical issues and faith matters can be discussed and where Muslims can connect with each other in a unique and open environment
  3. To provide a bridging link between Campus and ISB 
  4. To address the challenges that Muslims face as they enter a new stage of life, the world of work and possibly parenthood
  5. To empower young Muslim professionals to gain knowledge and develop the skills needed to succeed in their careers through professional networking and mentoring