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Schools Outreach

This is one of ISB’s flagship projects, which has been developed over a decade and has far reaching impacts. The project has developed resources and training to enable individuals to engage with primary and secondary schools to supplement and enhance their teachings of Islam within the national curriculum, through interactive assemblies, classroom workshops and Mosque visits.

The programme offers students to:


Learn about their local mosque

Hear the Qur'an

Watch the prayer being demonstrated

Learn about the five pillars

Write in Arabic and much more

The quality of current teachings of Islam in schools varies significantly. It will often rest on individual teachers and the ability of local Muslim individuals and organisations to understand the needs of the syllabus and to have the necessary skills to deliver age-appropriate teachings. The challenge of delivery increases with the age of the groups being taught.

For 10 years, we have been running mosque-based workshops for school students around South Manchester. Now we want to expand our successful model to your local communities and provide training for you to:

Online Taster session – Friday 19th April | 19:30 – 20:15

Online Primary school training, Part 1 Secondary school training – Sunday 12th May | 10:00-11:15

Online Part 2 Secondary school training – Sunday 23rd June | 10:00-11:15

Calling all budding presenters who would like to help teachers in schools! Do you have time, passion and concern to help the next generation?
Do you want to learn how to deliver immersive mosque-based workshops in primary and secondary schools?

Are you keen to help teachers present Islam and ‘bring the faith to life’?

Our training will demonstrate how to:

Liaise with schools

Deliver interactive workshops for primary and foundation-level secondary school students

Use and showcase our ready-made resources

Those who attend all the taster/ training sessions (exact number tbc) will receive a certificate of attendance and a certificate of competence, should they require one.

Sign up and join our taster session for further details

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Ramadan Guide for Schools

This Ramadan Guide for Schools is a useful guide for teachers in both primary and secondary schools to understand more about Ramadan and its rituals.

Download here

Community Campaigns

Supported by Asda, Co-op, Sainsburys, Tesco Extra and Waitrose stores in Manchester & in partnership with
Supported by Asda, Co-op, Sainsburys, Tesco Extra and Waitrose stores in Manchester & in partnership with

During the last 10 days of Ramadan, ISB Manchester were feeding the homeless and most needy across Greater Manchester.

The month of Ramadan is an especially important part of the Islamic calendar when we help those most disadvantaged in society.

Thank you for all your help in achieving this goal. We delivered 5,600 freshly prepared meals. We have worked with several well-established grass roots voluntary organisations to distribute the meals to the homeless and most needy.

The ISB Manchester Campaign was also featured in Manchester Evening News and BBC Radio Manchester.

Read the breakdown of this campaign
Meals delivered by ISB Manchester for those in need

ISB Manchester working in collaboration with 10 Greater Manchester grassroots organisations have provided over 600 freshly prepared meals to the homeless and needy during the run up to Eid ul Adha celebrations (end of Haj pilgrimage)  on 20th July 2021.

The campaign has been generously supported by individual donations and food/drink  donated by Alex Khan, owner of Kabana café in the Manchester Northern Quarter, Raffay Mussarat Foundation,  Zouk Tea Bar & Grill, Tesco Extra stores, and Asda store across Manchester.



Ayah is an online magazine curated by the Islamic Society of Britain. It is a reflection of the rich British Muslim lifestyle, culture and conversations. Ayah showcases recipes, interviews, articles, competitions and much more!

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The ISB Podcast

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Missed a seminar? We now have a YouTube channel that contains many of our online masterclasses and sessions! Catch up on what you’ve missed.

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The Hadith and Reason: Matn Analysis
Preparing the Soul - Connecting with the Qur'an

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Ramadan Pack

Take a look at our family study circle packs

Each pdf pack contains a variety of short stories, reminders, tafsirs and attributes of Allah (SWT). So that you may learn, connect and grow spiritually every day in Ramadan with your families.


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4