ISB Current Appeals

As the blessed month of Ramadan fast approaches, British Muslims will join others across the world as they fast from dawn to dusk, offer prayers and extra worship, amplify good deeds, and spend in charity for the poor and needy. This month of prayer, patience, reflection, and generosity is a time when we renew our intentions for the year ahead for challenging our self-improvement goals as well as ways in serving our community.

British Muslims excel in reaching out and donating heavily to local charities and those working abroad. In doing these good actions, we increase our ties of friendship, kinship, alleviate difficulty, bring hope, as well as strengthen our communities.

Please learn about our established projects and consider supporting all this good work which our dedicated volunteers are running. May your donations be far-reaching and beneficial and may your scales be heavy with your good deeds ameen.


Zakat Appeal


Schools Outreach Project


Sadaqah Appeal