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Sixth Form and Fresher’s Circle

16-20 year olds (and anyone from Campus who is interested)
2023 Autumn Term

Welcome back to an exciting year plan IA!!

Friday 8th September

1. Ice breakers
Let’s Get To Know One Another

2. Spiritual Management
The Fabric of Faith
By Fuaad Jafree 

Increase your faith with workshops, discussions and time for friendship in our friendly online circles!

Email [email protected] to join

The Next Chapter: Planning Your Career Path

Only ONE WEEK LEFT to snap up an early bird ticket for

ISB ‘Beyond Campus’ Inaugural Networking Dinner!
For Graduates and Young Professionals

Saturday 16th September
Arrival 17:30
Al Bader Restauirant, Birmingham

Network with other young Muslim professionals over a 3-course meal

Hear inspiring talks by:
Iqbal Nasim
Dr Sabena Jameel
Dr Khalid Anis


ISB Campus Online Quran Recitation Circle

For 16-26 year old male and females
With Khadeejah Muslim 

Sunday 17th September
Chaired by Emaan Mirza

Surah Ya-Sin 33-40

  • An opportunity to recite if you wish in segregated breakout rooms
  • Group reflection and translation of the Divine Message
  • All levels of recitation are welcome

Email [email protected] to join

ISB Raising and Nourishing the Next Generation

Circle for YM & Campus Parents and Guardians

‘LGBTQ+’: Islam, Parenting and Schools

Thursday 21st September

Let’s discuss LGBTQ+ and Islam
– What are the narratives from many primary and secondary schools?
– How should we respond to the delivery of RSE?
– How do we discuss these subjects with our children and raise strong Muslim families?
– How can we build partnerships for the sake of our children?

Join us and other parents/guardians on this incredibly important and relevant topic.

Email [email protected] to join

Help us Spread the Word!

We have a lot of brilliant work happening in ISB with all of our online circles!

We would love to spread the word and expand our audience as much as we can so that more people may benefit from them InshaAllah.

This poster has been designed to be shared for this purpose, so please do forward this on to all of your contacts; if you are a part of any Muslim parents group chats or Muslim associations, or anyone you feel may be interested in joining. You can download a high quality copy here.

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Watch Our Latest Recordings

If you have missed any of our previous events, you can find them on our YouTube channel BritIslam. Please do visit, subscribe and share!

All the e-circles can be found here.
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