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Friday 12th January 2024

19:30 - 21:00

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Young Muslims’ 14-16 years e-Circle

Religion vs Science

Join Dr Rizwan Syed as he helps us explore:

  • Does having faith mean you have to give up reason and science?
  • Does Islam encourage both? What’s the proof?
  • Discover the achievements of Islam’s scientific age
  • Can scientific facts contradict our Islamic belief? If so what do we do?

Make sure your child joins us on Friday 12th January from 7.30-9pm!

This circle is aimed at young Muslims aged between 14-16 years old, and takes place fortnightly.

Please have cameras on so that it is a more welcoming, beneficial and engaging experience for all.

Make sure you have registered for this school year! You’ll receive an email from zoom with the joining link.

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