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ISB needs your help to build a positive future for the Muslims of Britain. We know that wealth does not reduce in charity and rather, giving is the best investment for our Hereafter. The Muslim community is extremely generous, although most of our giving goes to help those in need abroad. But are you concerned that we are not meeting the needs of our community here and planning for tomorrow?

For more than thirty years ISB has been focussing on youth work to build community-conscious young people that seek a better society for all. Specialising in making Islam accessible to ordinary people and developing young Muslims to be the change-makers and leaders of tomorrow. Our Muslim youth face many challenges, including:

  • Crises of faith, at epidemic proportions. Due to the stigma of leaving many young people are simply disengaging from their faith
  • Mental health problems are higher in Muslim youth than in the rest of the population (in a recent survey 19% of 18-30 year old Muslims have had pervading thoughts of suicide)
  • Uncertain future with islamophobia and the growth of the far right
  • Communities living separately with growing misunderstanding
  • all in addition to the same challenges as other young people – the environment, AI, global conflicts, unemployment etc

We need your help to help the Muslim youth of today

ISB is a charity with most of the work done by volunteers. The future growth of this work requires paid staff so we can have much greater impact inshAllah. But we need your support for this!

The young people we help are very fortunate and will have a bright future. However, we only have the resources to impact a tiny percentage of the population. So, we need your generous support:

  • For our Youth Academy – to fully develop resources and services for young Muslims from ages 11-27
  • To bring all our high-quality resources online so they are freely accessible to all people, across the country and even globally
  • Including the development of videos and infographics, so young people can find their answers quickly and easily
  • To recruit youth workers – so we can reach and inspire many more young people
  • And web developers – to develop a website which young people will go to for all their difficult questions and Islamic learning
  • For Schools workers – to reach schools across the country with our beautiful message
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May your donations be far-reaching and beneficial and may your scales be heavy with your good deeds.