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This is one of ISB’s flagship projects, which has been developed over a decade and has far reaching impacts. The project has developed resources and training to enable individuals to engage with primary and secondary schools to supplement and enhance their teachings of Islam within the national curriculum, through interactive assemblies, classroom workshops and Mosque visits.

The programme offers school children to:

  • Learn about their local mosque
  • Hear the Quran
  • Watch the prayer being demonstrated
  • Learn about the five pillars
  • Write in Arabic and much more

The quality of current teachings of Islam in schools varies significantly. It will often rest on individual teachers and the ability of local Muslim individuals and organisations to understand the needs of the syllabus and to have the necessary skills to deliver age-appropriate teachings. The challenge of delivery increases with the age of the groups being taught.

Whilst the current project team is growing the reach of the initiative by training people around the country, this is a slow process currently sustained by volunteers.

We are now seeking a highly skilled full time support outreach worker who will be able to formalise the training, reach out to schools around the country and critically develop an interface with SACRE, as the organisation responsible for overseeing the teaching of Islam in the national curriculum.

We seek seed funding for 12 months in which we can develop this role and pursue longer standing financial support as well as develop new resources i.e, videos, and guides.

We are seeking at least 30 people to make £100 donation per month for the next 12 months.