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Beyond Campus' Inaugural Networking Dinner

On Saturday 16 September, at Al-Bader restaurant in Birmingham, we held our first ever ‘Beyond Campus’ event. We invited speakers Iqbal Naseem, Sabena Jameel and Khalid Anis to talk about planning for the future, navigating the post-grad period and self-development. Alhamdulillah, we had 57 people attend that evening.

Beyond Campus was a project born out of a need for a space like Campus but for ‘older’ young Muslims that had moved on from their student days. We hoped it would be a space that we could meet others in the same boat, learn from each other and learn from role models in a welcoming and friendly environment. Our first networking dinner felt like just that.

Like all networking events, it may have taken a minute to warm up, but after icebreakers were underway and the first inspiring talk set the tone, a warm atmosphere of learning and discussion really flourished. It was also lovely to catch up with lots of old ISB, YM and Campus friends we’d not seen in a while, as well as getting to know so many new faces.