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Ramadan 'Moonlit Musings' series

The days have slipped through our fingers like grains of sand, as we bid farewell to a cherished guest.

The final day of Ramadan.

I pray you have all cherished the blessings and opportunities that Ramadan has offered; like an oyster that opens to reveal it’s pearl.

It is in the unrest and mayhem that we see externally that this month has afforded us a sanctuary. A chance to turn internally, heal, become stronger, more united, and more impactful.

In this final day I take the opportunity to ask for forgiveness. Forgiveness from the Most Merciful for my mistakes during this blessed month and to those I have unknowingly hurt or brushed past inconsiderately.

Yesterday at my mosque we completed the Qur’an. I nearly did not attend as I had to travel afterwards…but I’m so glad I did! Our reciters, with their remarkable voices, left me in awe, masha’Allah!

I arrived early to be near a fan to escape the heat of the crowd. But Allah had other plans, as the lady in front of me stepped back throughout the prayer and occupied my sujood space! I decided there was nothing I could do, and mused, maybe her unintentional intrusion was a divine invitation – a path to greater blessings…if I remain generous!

As I looked at the congregants, I realised there are so many women that I hardly speak to – each hurrying about their lives, rushing here and there. I have made a resolution to try harder. Life is too precious and it’s not good enough to not make the effort to get to know one another better.

We finished the Qur’an and started reciting Surah Baqarah once more. This was the moment that really caught me…

We have collectively started reading the Qur’an again. Will I have life and health to be able to attend next year’s taraweeh prayer? Will I hear the beautiful recitation?

Who will be present and who will be absent from our congregation?

Ramadan to Ramadan is a whole journey all of its own.

So let us use every moment to strengthen ourselves and be more present in life, embracing its opportunities to bring goodness and prevent harm.

I hope you have all enjoyed whatever avenues Ramadan has opened for you. Some of you may have delved deeper whilst others have navigated juggling varying responsibilities.

Remember, Allah is ever aware of our intentions and the challenges we face.

I ask you all to pray for one another, this organisation and for our ummah. May all efforts and fasts be accepted this Ramadan.