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The ages from 17 to 26 are a critical stage, when young people learn to think like adults, witness the flourishing of their talents, gain immense and deep understanding of the world around them as well as developing the skills to flourish in the adult world.

It is when they develop their personality, careers and interests and importantly, critical relationships, such as with their Creator, their family and life partners. It is also when young people develop a deep concern and unease towards the problems they see in their communities and the world, and develop an awareness of how these can be challenged and addressed.

ISB Campus is deeply concerned with helping young people in all these areas. Our training involves education and open discussions around these areas as well as encouraging young people to get involved in projects and develop crucial skills around teamwork and change making.

As you can see, ISB training begins at an early age and we continue to offer training through a plethora of avenues:

How does the ISB curriculum help young people, particularly students and the leaders of tomorrow?

We have scoped out a comprehensive Intelligences Framework for British Muslims, from which we have drawn a syllabus for Campus age people. As you will see, this is a very comprehensive curriculum and we may only be able to cover selected aspects of it in our sessions.

Click here for the full Campus curriculum:

📁 Download Campus Curriculum

In addition, ISB offers those who are active in ISB Campus projects, access to a higher level training programme, the SLS (Students of Learning Stream):