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The Education Tab: Our Online Library of Resources!

Ever wonder where all our PowerPoints and notes from seminars go? We’ve converted them into an online library of resources, on a variety of topics! Browse below to see easily accessible notes, videos and pdfs for you to benefit, learn and share! We’ve divided the library into four main sections, each with their own topics and subtopics


About Islam

Overview of Islam website

Law & Morality

About Allah

Spiritual Code


Islam: The Neutral Way

About Prophet Muhammad (saw)

I'd Believe But...

Isn’t Islam Against Evolution?

Do Only Muslims go to Heaven?

How Can a Caring God Allow Suffering?

Didn’t Muhammad (pbuh) Make it all up?

Doesn’t Islam Enforce Gender Segregation?


Doesn’t Islam Oppose Science?

Faith Essentials

Spiritual Code (in-depth)

Halal & Haram

About God: Essential Creed

Ghusl for Women (Ritual Purification)

Ghusl for Men (Ritual Purification)

Our Sacred Days


About Allah

Prayer (part 1)

Prayer (part 2)

Loving the Prophet (saw)

The Power of Dua

Beautiful Duas

Way to the Qur’an

The Power of Prayer Handbook

Discovering Surah Al-Ikhlas

Discovering Surah Ad-Duha

Surah Al-Fatiha


Happiness; Be Kind, Be Happy

Your Psychological Needs

Beauty & Body Image