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Missed a seminar? We now have a YouTube channel that contains many of our online masterclasses and sessions! Catch up on what you’ve missed.

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Living With Depression | Dr Aman Durrani
Navigating Difficult Hadith | Ustadh Ahtsham Ali
How Islamic Architecture shaped Europe | Diana Darke
Transform Your Prayer | Iqbal Naseem
Atheism & Islam | Dr. Shoaib Ahmed Malik
Spiritual Abuse | Dr Ingrid Mattson
The Beauty of Marriage | Dr Sara Saigol & Dr Rizwan Syed
Thinking About Giving | Lucy Bushill-Matthews
Extremism & the Battle for the Minds of Young People| Ahtsham Ali
Critical Issues in the History of The Qur'an | Dr Shehzad Saleem
Imam Bukhari & the Tradition of Tajdid
What is a 'Good Muslim'? Revealing Islam's 'Spiritual Code'
The Hadith and Reason: Matn Analysis
The Hadith and Reason: Matn Analysis
Preparing the Soul - Connecting with the Qur'an