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28th August - 7th September 2024

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ISB & Campus first ever Seerah Umrah Tour!
For ages 17-26
Some family bookings available (> 11 year olds only)
Female & male mentor provided

Seerah Umrah Tour

with Sheikh Fazal Muhammad will guide + bring the Seerah to life!

Sheikh Fazal studied Islamic sciences at Jamia Al Karam and completed the Darse Nizami at Dar ul uloom Qadria Jilani in London. He studied Hadith studies at Dar ul uloom Jamia Hanafia Doe-Darwaza. He also holds a law degree.

Departure from Manchester -> Jeddah
6 nights in Mecca
4 nights in Medina
Return from Madinah -> Manchester

Makkah: Jabal Thawr – Arafat Area, Muzdalefa, Mena, Jamarat, Jabal Al Noor (Ghar Hira), Janat Al Mua’la & Masjid Al Jin
Madinah: Jabal Uhud, Masjid Quba & Masjid Qeblatain

Quad room – £1480pp
Triple room – £1535pp
Double/ Twin room – £1645pp

£200 Deposit to secure a place
(instalments welcome)

BOOK NOW – limited places: