Training to deliver mosque-based workshops for school students

What We Do

For 10 years, we have been running mosque-based workshops for school students around South Manchester. Now we want to expand our successful model to your local communities and provide training for you to:

Our training will demonstrate how to:

For more information email [email protected]

ISB Schools Outreach Project - Coaching Sessions!

Following our successful Awareness and Training Seminars, ISB Schools Outreach Project are delighted to run our upcoming Coaching Sessions.  

Are you keen to:

  • Help RS teachers present Islam at Schools 
  • Bring the faith to life with our support and resources
  • Present the rich values of our faith to students and clarify misconceptions and misunderstandings 
  • Showcase our mosques for immersive and memorable student experiences  


We have had fantastic feedback from students who learn so much from interacting with our school teams.

This work is reliant on volunteers who enjoy working with school children, sharing our values and helping to expand our understanding of faith communities in Britain. 

Register to watch our previous sessions (this is required to be familiar with our resource) and get prepared for our next phase of learning the skills to run a school-mosque workshop successfully.

To register, please follow the link: 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.