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Message from the Chair

As-Salamu-Alaikum to you all,

Alhamdullilah Allah has once more given us the opportunity to re-charge and improve ourselves in this most Blessed of months.

With all the turmoil happening around the World, and here in the UK, Ramadhan is an opportunity for us to focus on our personal relationship with Allah and to really construct a solid foundation of Taqwah in our lives.

With a solid foundation of Taqwah, then, and only then, can we achieve our true role on this Earth, to be Allah’s vicegerent.

Here at the Islamic Society of Britain, it is our belief that our active members only go through a programme of training and understanding of the religion with a sole purpose of being active citizens here in the UK.

To this end, the ISB and our youth wings Young Muslims and ISB Campus will be looking at forging relationships with a wide variety of mainstream organisations with a range of causes including the environment, migrant & homeless support, social justice & Human Rights.

So, I do hope that we can all benefit from this month of worship and Qur’an and achieve all the personal goals that we set ourselves, but after the month is over we can then use this newly refreshed relationship with Allah to act as God’s representative on this Earth to make it better place for the whole of humanity.

Better for us here in the UK, better for the people of Palestine and better for the World!

And if you want to join in the work that we do in making it a better place, then become a member and give your time, whether it be Young Muslims, Campus, ISB Connect or Schools & Education. Head over to our brand-new website:

Or at the very least, if you can’t spare this precious commodity from Allah, your time. Then help us financially and start giving a little every month to help run these activities and become a ‘Friend of the ISB’:


Sajid Quayum
National Chair