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Thursday 7th March

20:00 - 21:30

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Raising and Nourishing the Next Generation
Circle for YM & Campus parents and guardians

A Ramadan Special

with Dr Riza Mohammed, Hafiz Naveed Idrees & Mahmooda Qureshi

+ A reminder by Emaan Mirza

A panel discussion and Q & A session.

  • Preparing for Ramadan as a family meal prep, increasing spirituality, making pure intentions
  •  Helping our children fully embrace fasting navigating the struggles they may face when fasting during exams, school or college
  • Creating a Ramadan routine coping with feeding the non-fasting, getting up for sahoor, encouraging the breaking of bad habits and building good ones
  • A spiritual reminder on rahma and the importance of family ties

Join us and other parents/guardians in preparing for the holy month Insha’Allah.