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January’s Newsletter 2024

  ISB Campus and Beyond Campus present a new project: Being Changemakers! Online seminars examining Career; Faith and…
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Building Resilient Communities

An ISB Connect Networking Event Review by Aliya Ismangil   On Saturday 18 May, ISB Connect had the…
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The Final Fast

The days have slipped through our fingers like grains of sand, as we bid farewell to a cherished…
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Manchester Iftar 2024

On Friday 29th March, ISB Manchester hosted a wonderful family iftar for nearly 140 people. The opening reminder…
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A Young Mother’s Ramadan

It’s hard. To feel the spirituality of this holy month yet feeling unable to quite grasp it. Watching…
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The Saabireen

For this short reminder I wanted to touch upon something that’s very close to my heart, which is…
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The Ties of Rahma

I often start Ramadan with extravagant plans of ibadah and worship, I used to make intricately planned lists…
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Ramadan Mubarak

As-Salamu-Alaikum to you all, Alhamdullilah Allah has once more given us the opportunity to re-charge and improve ourselves…
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International Women’s Day

8th of March marks ‘International Women’s Day;’ a global day to recognise women’s achievements. The day has a…
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Beyond Campus Networking Dinner

On Saturday 17th February, nearly 45 attendees gathered at the ISB Beyond Campus Networking Dinner at Faisal‘s restaurant,…
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Valentines Day 2024

There are many terms for love in Arabic; one of which is ‘hub.’ Hub has the same root…
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World Hijab Day

A Hijab, or khimar, is so many things. For some, a means of identifying with their faith, for…