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What is the Islamic Society of Britain?

The Islamic Society of Britain is a community based charity organised as a national membership society. Founded in 1990, we sought to bring individuals together inspired the teachings repeated in the Qur’an to have faith and do good.The Islamic Society of Britain exists to help better the understanding of and relationship between Islam, a world faith, and Britain, home.

The Islamic Society of Britain views Islam as a religion of peace and a continuation of age-old teachings from God to humanity. Not as a new religion, but as a way of life that has a strong focus – in spiritual terms on the worship of one God, and in social terms on justice and equity between people.

Who are we?

We are individuals. We are volunteers – people offering time, skill and resource in many areas of the country. We are British, who want to take care of our country, its people and values. We are a membership body of Muslims, who put together projects and offer services inspired by our faith, to help, serve and bring good for all people.

Membership fees and charitable contributions fund the vast majority of our work, the remainder coming from funds raised for projects, and individuals donating their time and resources towards our aims

What do we do?

The Islamic Society of Britain has played an important and positive part in how British Muslims think about their faith. Some of our innovative activities often broke new ground, emboldening and empowering many others to create projects of their own.

The official aims of the Islamic Society of Britain are:

  1. To promote greater understanding and awareness of Islam
  2. To organise, educate and enhance the development of British Muslim communities
  3. To encourage positive contributions to British society and the promotion of social justice