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Being Changemakers Series:
Faith in the Workplace

On Saturday 17th February, nearly 45 attendees gathered at the ISB Beyond Campus Networking Dinner at Faisal‘s restaurant, Birmingham.

As part of a “Faith in the Workplace” theme, attendees gathered to hear from experienced and inspirational speakers, on the topic of ‘Faith and Work’.

Dr Hany El Banna, inspired young attendees by speaking about the power of Allah, having an intentional God centred vision, being caretakers of all creation as well as the imperative of humanitarian work and what that has meant in his life.

Jeffery Beere, Management Consultant, inspired us by speaking about Ihsan and excellence in the workplace. He gave us examples of people who have intensely cared for society and excelled in bringing goodness to others. ‘Because I care’ is a mantra we would do well to live by.

After prayer and a wonderful reminder, attendees rotated amongst our 4 speakers, which included Dr Khalil Morley and Farah Morley.

Dr Khalil Morley is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine and was able to speak about serving communities in acute traumatic situations within the institution that is the NHS.

Farah Morley is an Architectural Interior Designer who spoke wisely about the need for Muslim representation in the arts and creative industries.

All in all, attendees were able to really engage in deep round-table conversations with our speakers, garnering their wisdoms as well as being able to network with one another.

The three course dinner was sumptuous Alhamdulillah.

We made communal du’a for the oppressed and persecuted worldwide, recognising our positions of relative privilege and the test that entails.

May Allah bless Aliya and her organising team for a very inspiring and thought provoking seminar.
May Allah empower all attendees to step into their influence and bring goodness to society at large.