Young Muslims & Campus

ISB specialises in making Islam relevant and accessible to ordinary people.
We help young people:
  • To secure their faith by discussing difficult questions in a sympathetic way and fostering a love for Allah and the wisdom of Islamic teachings.

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  • To deepen their understanding of Islam its relevance and the richness of our heritage, using scenarios, small group discussions, workshops and presentations. These are facilitated by balanced scholars, experts and tutors. We stress the importance of valuing differences of opinion and the importance of context and culture.
Mental Health
  • To foster mental wellbeing and mental health. We conduct training and have developed resources on subjects such as understanding the self, self-esteem, friendships, love and respect within marriage, recognising mental illness. Our social gatherings and residentials are consciously designed to be welcoming and friendly and we stress lasting friendships.
  • To grow spirituality through better understanding of Allah, how to connect and regular reminders and spiritual programmes.
  • To grow their social skills and make lasting friendships with like-minded people.
  • To develop concern for the problems in society and caring for the less well off through a variety of projects. We inculcate the qur’anic value of collaboration to be more effective in doing good.
  • To develop the skills and outlook to become effective leaders of tomorrow, embracing multiple intelligences. We run training on leadership skills and are developing an intelligences framework to cater for the holistic growth of young people. We teach the value of education, and involvement in mainstream society.
Teamworking Skills
  • To develop team skills through mentored involvement in project work. More important than the skills of leadership are teamworking skills, which all successful people need, including shura, respecting differences, how to give and accept feedback, etc. Young people trained in the Academy have a head start to flourish in society.
What young people say about their experiences of ISB Campus

Compared to other Muslim spaces, Campus is more interactive.

Compared to other Muslim spaces, Campus is more interactive.

Campus is non-judgemental.

Campus seems to have longer term goals so it gives more time to each topic instead of ticking boxes. That makes it less stressful. Nothing feels like a tick box exercise.

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