Campus Presents: Seeking the Divine - Weekend Residential, 12th - 14th November 2021

Featuring interactive workshops, discussions, reminders, dhikr, ice breakers, entertainment and a Saturday night formal dinner! (Dress code – Smart casual) 

Finding faith, friendship and community 


  1. Seeking the Divine – Sheikh Shafi Chowdhury
  2. Learning the Names of God – Lucy Bushill-Matthews
  3. God, Beyond His 99 Names – Dr Rizwan Syed

Seeking the Divine

A report by a Campus member

I was amongst those who attended the recent ISB campus residential at Markfield Conference Centre between the 12th and 14th of November. I have been coming to these campus residential for a while and I never fail on these weekends to make new friends, learn new things about my religion and get to revel in the beautiful community ISB campus has created for young, forward-thinking Muslims. The topic for this weekend was Seeking the Divine, with a particular focus on understanding Allah through his 99 names and how we are to understand God through these titles. I thought this topic, as it was more broad that others that have been used in previous campus events really lent itself to our first residential since the pandemic and helped welcome back old veterans and newly receive lots of new members too. 

This weekend the topic, as usual, was explored through a mixture of workshops, discussions, reminders and a Q and A session. My particular favourite was given by Dr Rizwan Syed entitled God Beyond His 99 Names, as I feel he really encouraged us to address the way we treat language and understand God in terms of the language we use about him. However I feel like all these workshops and discussions really encouraged us to actively engage with the language of divinity and to perhaps even reassess our understanding of the nature of the divine. These campus residential are unique spaces as far as I have experienced when it comes to learning about Islam, addressing both wider issues through the workshops and personal issues of faith and practice that are addressed in our reminders and Q and A sessions. 

I would recommend them to anyone interested in broadening their minds and increasing their understanding of their religion. Leaving the campus it is impossible not to miss the people, the welcoming and encouraging atmosphere and inspiring lessons. I look forward to the next campus event (which is hoped to be held in the summer) and would encourage anyone interested to join us for a unique experience with amazing and insightful people.