Projects and Activities

Past Projects

Living Islam

The Living Islam Festival is a major national event held at the Lincolnshire Showground.

Set in the heart of the English countryside, 205 acres are transformed (with the help of many volunteers) into a unique experience of tranquility, worship, learning and family pleasure. The result is an extra-special summer gathering and a celebration of faith and family life.

Islam Awareness Week

We initiated national Islam Awareness Week in 1994, to raise awareness and remove misconceptions surrounding Britain’s second largest faith group.

Sadly, since then we have seen both genuine misunderstanding and the unfair misrepresentation of Islam and Muslims increase sharply in society. We believe that this must be tackled, both within wider society and amongst Muslims themselves, if we are to see the progressive development of a Britain at ease with its diversity. IAW is an opportunity for all of us, to come together and address the threats posed by misunderstanding.

During the week, communities throughout the country volunteer their time to organise a range of events aimed at opening dialogue, developing contact and celebrating art and culture.

With thousands of events having taken place over the years, we believe IAW has been influential, and made an important contribution to community relations.


During Ramadan 2014, Muslims families across Britain opened their homes to host a non-Muslim family for Iftar. Dine@Mine was inspired by the Muslim culture around the globe of food and hospitality. This scheme has been a fantastic opportunity for communities to learn about each other and enjoy each others’ company; resulting in great learning experiences and lasting neighbourly relationships.

Although it is inspired by historical traditions of the Muslim world, Dine@Mine is truly a modern initiative; we’ve used Facebook and Twitter to arrange iftars, HOPE Not Hate who helped get the word out amongst their supporters via an email blast, we’ve delved into the world of instagram and youtube and send sent personal invites to priests, politicians and personalities to attend iftars.