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ISB Campus and Beyond Campus present a new project:

Being Changemakers!

Online seminars examining Career; Faith and Excellence
Career Advice and Coaching from specialists in their fields 


Thursday 25th January 

with Sultan Choudhury OBE

Islamic Banking & Finance: Pursuing a Career in Finance

Exploring a career in Finance or how to progress? 
Concerned about faith and work? 
Join us to hear some top tips and ask questions

Chaired by Bilal Hussain 

Sultan Choudhury 
*30 years experience in financial services
*Part of founding management team that obtained Western Europe’s first Islamic banking licence
*Chairman of OFFA (sharia compliant finance house)
*Director at SAMA Investments, Board Director at Islamic Bank of Australia
*Board Advisor at UK’s Islamic Finance Council
*Chairman of NZF
Join here

#MuslimHeroes – YM Residential
only two weeks to go!


Tickets sales end one week before the event on 2nd February
Muslim Heroes: Finding the Hero Within
9th-11th February 

Pioneer Centre, Kidderminster
For 11-16 year olds

Join us for a weekend of inspiration, fun & learning! 

 Who are our Muslim heroes from the Qur’an, Seerah and early Islamic history?
Who are our more modern heroes? 
 Let’s talk about our Palestinian heroes; from humanitarian aid workers to journalists and civilians who are teaching us so very much
 How can we learn from heroes and unleash our potential for this world and the next? 

 Featuring sessions, group workshops, games & outdoor activities like zipwire and archery.
 The perfect chance to make new friends and catch-up with old ones, learn new skills and have a great time in a welcoming and open environment! 

 Book tickets HERE

Bursaries are available for those in hardship.
Contact for for more details


Sixth Form and Freshers Circle 


Friday 26th January

For 16-20 year olds
Anyone from Campus is welcome 

Topic 1
Coping With Stress 
Faiz Salim
•Understanding and navigating life stresses, with examples from the Qur’an and Seerah
•Examining effective coping mechanisms and strategies of prevention

Topic 2
How We Got Here?
The philosophical-historical underpinnings to where we are today:
•Renaissance + Enlightenment
•Industrial Revolution
•Modernism + Postmodernism

Email for the link


ISB Fundraiser for M.A.P. 

Palestinian Art of Tatreez

Sunday 4th Feb | 19:30-20:30
Open to all!

 Join us for a virtual art fundraiser to support ‘Medical Aid to Palestine’
 Learn about the rich cultural history of Palestine through the art of tatreez and create your own patterns!

Please donate directly to: to support their efforts in providing essential medical care

You may need the following:
 Feltips & coloured pencils (not essential)
• Graph paper 
(Print graph paper as required following the link)

Join us on zoom HERE

ISB and ISB Campus Free Online Short Course
Purification of the Heart

With Sheikh Amer Jamil 
(Teacher of Islamic Studies)

Join our life-changing 
5 week course on:
Sundays at 10:30-11:45 am | From 11th Feb to 10th March

For your whole family and friends!

Reduced price tickets for household/nuclear family members on purchasing one standard ticket   
Early Bird ends 4th Feb so hurry!

 Be inspired 
 Learn together 
 Q and A time

Purchase tickets HERE

Please also consider purchasing donation tickets for those in hardship 

Beyond Campus – Faith in the Workplace

Introducing our first in-person event of the ISB Campus and Beyond Campus Being Changemakers: Faith and Excellence series!

Faith in the Workplace

For graduates and those in early careers

Saturday 17 February, 3pm – 8pm
Al Faisals Restaurant, Birmingham

Talks by:
Dr Hany El-Banna
, Medical Doctor and Humanitarian Worker
Jeffery Beere, Management Consultant

Chat to the speakers as well as:
Dr Khalil Morley, Doctor in Emergency Medicine
Farah Morley, Entrepreneur in Design & Architecture

Are you searching for  dynamic conversations on Faith in the Workplace?
Are you looking to be inspired by Muslim professionals who have  achieved excellence in their respective fields?
Are you wanting to be mentored as well as meet other like-minded individuals?

Join us to discuss navigating faith in the workplace followed by a networking dinner with other like minded young Muslim professionals.

 Limited early bird tickets from £24 – grab yours now HERE

ISB Campus Umrah Seerah Tour

Can you support students in hardship and reverts make a life-changing Umrah?
ISB Campus have booked a Seerah Umrah Tour and we would like this amazing opportunity to be accessible to as many young people as we can possibly help!
Any amount that you can give will be greatly appreciated and will help those who depend on our funds.
Please help to deliver this life changing experience to young people in hardship.
Please donate HERE

ISB Campus Qur’an Circle

Sunday 28th January 2024

Surah Al-Sharh — Relief
(Chapter 94, Verses 1–8)

• Enjoy beautiful recitation, and have an open discussion about the words of our Lord
• Reflect on the verses recited, and feel confident reading the Qur’an
• All modes and levels of recitation are welcome, with no obligation to recite

 Chaired by Raeiss Gopaul
 Recitation led by Zaaki Ibn-Maswood Ahmed
 Female breakout room led by Emaan Mirza
 Male breakout room led by Saami Ibn-Maswood Ahmed

Open to all aged 16–26
Join us on Zoom: LINK


Help us Spread the Word!

We have a lot of brilliant work happening in ISB with all of our online circles! 

We would love to spread the word and expand our audience as much as we can so that more people may benefit from them InshaAllah. 

This poster has been designed to be shared for this purpose, so please do forward this on to all of your contacts; if you are a part of any Muslim parents group chats or Muslim associations, or anyone you feel may be interested in joining. You can download a high quality copy here.

[email protected]


Salaams all,

 The Campus teams have been working on some FANTASTIC documents and videos to help you guys in your Islamic work, the newest edition being the recording of our recent poster design and video editing workshop.

1. Poster Design and Video Editing
For building on your knowledge and skills on how to create striking and professional poster designs and how to seemlessly edit online ISBISB Campus seminars/ circles for our YouTube page. Demos included. 

2. How to Set-Up and Maintain a Dynamic I-Soc 
For use in university/ college and school I-socs. This document covers the basics of what an I-Soc is all about and how to set up and maintain a successful society.

3. Organisational Work: Project Planning 
This document covers the details that reside in planning, organising and executing a project itself. It includes scheduling tips and information about how to make sure your project runs smoothly and is sustainable.

4. The Fiqh of Delivering a Khutbah
This document outlines and delves into the importance of the jumu’ah prayer and khutbah, format and structure of it. It gives examples of Qur’anic verses and duas to use too.

Please share these with others!

Click here for the shared folder



Watch Our Past Sessions

If you have missed any of our previous events, you can find them on our YouTube channel BritIslam. Please do visit, subscribe and share!

All the e-circles can be found here.
Some of the titles include: