Sixth Form & Freshers Circle – 2

πŸŒ™Β πŸ”ˆΒ 2nd Ramadan Online Circle

SFFC in conjunction with YM 14-16 circle!

*Open to all 14-20 year olds*

This Friday 22nd April
18:15 to 19:15

*Reminder: Sulaiman Anis

*Topic 1: My Journey to Islam by Dr Ibrahim Varsani

*Topic 2: Part 2 The Perfect Names and Attributes of God and How They Impact Our Lives
A look at an extract from Surah Hashr

*Interactive and spiritual learning!*

Open to all 14-20 year olds; male and female. Invite your friends along too.
*All participants will be asked to switch their cameras on as it’s more friendly! *

Please email [email protected] with your name and age to join

*Please can all Y13s stay behind for 25 minutes to chat about Campus involvement.*


Apr 22 2022


6:15 PM - 7:15 PM

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