British Muslim youth exploring faith in a contemporary, friendly and spiritual way


Campus is an arm of the Islamic Society of Britain (ISB) which aims to provide a diverse space for young people to freely discuss, debate and learn about their religion in an open and safe environment. It brings people closer to the Creator through themed day courses, residential events and other activities like online learning. Campus began as a small marquee at the Living Islam Festival in 2016 and was so popular, it has grown to become an independent, ever expanding group of excited young people who come together to share ideas, experiences and learn more about their religion.


Our mission

A space for young British Muslims to:

Our values

Our purpose is to please Allah and develop our Taqwa

We believe in:

Our Vision Explained


  • To develop youth communities who represent purpose, balance, concern and moral integrity while feeling a deep connection to their faith and its values.

British identity

  • By drawing on this deep well of spirituality as well as on our connections as citizens of Britain today, we can stand firm for justice, social concern and positive endeavor; engaging actively with those around us.
  • ISB Campus hopes to support and cultivate a strong, vibrant and confident British Muslim youth identity; rooted in faith and in belonging here, today; encouraging contributions to the structures of civic society



  • To develop and support learning, reflection as well as the development of key life skills through conversations with scholars, activists and specialists in their respective fields.


  • To engender the development of concern for all those around us; building connections and understanding in order to establish more cohesive neighborhoods and communities.


  • ISB Campus aims to provide a space that is friendly, warm, nurturing and embracing to young people from all spectrums of life and backgrounds in order to find a common place we can all identify warmly with.

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Recent Events

Campus presents: Seeking the Divine - Weekend Residential, 12th - 14th November

Featuring interactive workshops, discussions, reminders, dhikr, ice breakers, entertainment and a Saturday night formal dinner! (Dress code – Smart casual) 

Finding faith, friendship and community 

Invite a friend who attends a Campus event for the first time and you can both get half price tickets! 


  1. Seeking the Divine – Sheikh Shafi Chowdhury
  2. Learning the Names of God – Lucy Bushill-Matthews
  3. God, Beyond His 99 Names – Dr Rizwan Syed