Pause for Thought – Campus

‘With the highs and lows of life, we may need to ask for a helping hand…there is no shame in that.’Our very own Campus Director Dr Sara Saigol recently featured in BBC Radio 2’s ‘Pause for Thought.’She reflected on the symbolism of hands. ​ ‘I’ve been thinking of my hands, I’ve been looking down at my hands and […]

Charity – Plain Islam

According to the teachings of Islam, being charitable is one of the highest virtues and is considered a means of cleansing oneself spiritually and materially. One of the essential ‘pillars’ of Islam is zakat. It is compulsory for those who meet a prescribed annual surplus in their income. With zakat, Muslims are asked to give… […]

Living with differences – Plain Islam

The question of how we treat, deal with, work with, co-exist with people of other faiths and beliefs (including those that have no faith), is a rather curious one. The answer seems intuitive – there is a thread that binds us together – being human seems enough to unite us. Every interaction should be underpinned… […]

A Restricted Post

You can see this because you are a member of ISB. Qui minima ipsum perferendis suscipit ut maxime. Doloribus ipsum non perspiciatis tenetur rerum impedit. Temporibus dolorem ut vero consequatur ut. Dolorem adipisci neque qui excepturi aspernatur placeat maxime dolorum. In nam enim quia quia enim tenetur quos. Quia est vitae non. Ut aut quia […]

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